Softer Skin on a Budget


Want smoother skin without the expensive price tag? I am a new mom and wanted to pamper myself at home without spending too much money for not enough product. So I did my research and learned how to make my own sugar scrub at home. These work wonders on your hands, feet, legs, arms – basically your whole body!

What you need:

– 1 c. Sugar

– 1/4 c. Coconut oil

– Essential oil

– Mason jar (or any storage container)


Step 1:

Measure the sugar out in your mixing bowl.


Step 2:

Measure out the coconut oil in your measuring cup. The amount you use is entirely up to you, but I would recommend starting out with 1/4 c. and adding from there.

Before you stir it in with the sugar, slid it in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

*If you are allergic to coconuts you can substitute for almond oil, grape seed oil, etc.


Step 3:

Mix the sugar and oil until your mixture is light and fluffy looking.

–> In my first attempt I left it too oily. It wasn’t ruined but it wasn’t as good at taking away the dead skin as the next batches I have done.


Step 4:

Mix in the essential oil of your choice.

How much you mix in is entirely up to you. I don’t have a set amount myself for how much I add. It also depends on the oil you chose – I’ve made my share of mistakes of adding too much of a really strong oil.

Just pour it in the container you chose and you’re done!


Now I’ll share these extras that I love! (:


I’ve found that my legs are incredibly soft and it lasts longer after I apply the scrub, rise it off, reapply it then and shave it off. (Cleaning the razor more often than usual!) I hate shaving and being a mom to a 5 month old – I don’t get the luxury of a long bath/shower!


Salt/Raw Cane Sugar

Do you have incredibly rough feet? Try putting salt or raw sugar in the place of the sugar. They are more corse and take off the dead skin better than the softer sugar mixture. I made a sugar scrub for someone with really rough feet and it worked really well – so being as sugar is generally cheaper that’s just what I always use.


Don’t forget! You can use the sugar scrub anywhere on your body because it is gentle enough to do so – the salt scrubs are not.

So use the sugar scrub everywhere from your face and lips to your legs and feet! I promise it will leave your body glowing, soft and oh so touchable for your significant other! (:


Leave your comments on your findings – if it worked for you or not and what you found that works as well!

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