Embracing Happiness


There is no magic formula for happiness but there are a number of habits that many happy people share. These are not things that you can buy but they are simple life changes that anyone can start practicing in their daily life that have a big impact.

The first thing that many happy people do is personal inventory cleaning; out with the bad, in with the good. Happy people do not like invasive drama. Cutting out dramatic people from our lives is a very refreshing task, it isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it. Once you have weeded out the dramatic people, replace them with highly positive people. Attitudes are contagious; so choose wisely who you would like to be around, when you choose to make the transition you will almost instantly see a change in yourself and in your productivity.

Think Positive

This leads into the important habit of positive thinking. It is one of the best tools you can learn. If you surround yourself with positive people you will pick up on their mannerisms and positive habits and you can then adopt them into your own routine. If you don’t have anyone to take some lessons from there are various tools to help you with positive thinking; keeping a gratitude journal about things you are grateful for and proud of (goals, milestones etc.), read books on the topic and engage in conversation with others about their productive habits via online forums. Think happy thoughts.

Embrace Change

Another very important factor of happiness is the ability to let things go. Understand that you cannot control most of what happens in life and learn to take it in stride. Once we accept that we cannot change the behaviors of others or things that happen outside of our control we can then accept the fact that, in reality, we only have control of how we react and our emotions toward these events. Can you imagine living a life without the extra un-necessary stress? It’s a habit you need to practice over and over again but the hard work pays off.

Design Your Life

It seems like a silly thing to say but one of the most important habits of happy people is to live out their ideas and do what they believe in. If you believe in something and enjoy doing something make sure to make time for it, even if it is just educating yourself on a subject, creating something, volunteering a few hours a month with an organization you care about or donating your services, time or money to help out a cause. By doing this we are able to practice incorporating our virtues and the things that make us who are are, into our daily lives; what’s the point in “caring” about something if you don’t do anything about it.

Written by Danielle M. of www.babblingink.com “Outsourcing Professionals United”

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