Exercising Reduces Stress


Mental Stress

Your adrenal glands release cortisol anytime you are fearful, upset, angry or depressed. That’s mental stress. If you don’t get rid of it, cortisol escalates diseases that could make you sick and end your life early. High Blood Pressure, Cancer and heart disease could all come from this. What is even more stress is the bills that you are required to pay, because your hospitalization didn’t cover them. With all this said, exercise helps you get rid of mental stress.

The Type of Exercises You Should do

Adults should exercise five times a week, or anytime you can get it in. You are dealing with the boss, your kids and with paying bills, plus more aggravation. These are situations that cause stress.  Exercise is better than no exercise at all, in this case. The best thing to get rid of stress is cardio. Dance, kickboxing and boxing classes all help here. Also Boot Camp and Cross Training are good.

Yoga and meditation are also good stress relievers. Chanting with meditation is relaxing. Breathing exercises are also, a stress reliever.

You can also do your own workout and try to get some more cardio in with it. Running or walking is helpful here. So is swimming.

Things to do to Remain Calm Before Your Workout

If you are having a really bad day at work and your workout isn’t until that evening to get rid of your stress, there are other things you can do. When you take a break walk outside for just a few minutes. Breathe in the air slowly, then release it slowly while doing this. This is relaxing. Enjoy your walk. Then go back to work renewed.

If your break at work, isn’t until  a long time off, listening to music while working, will help relieve your stress. Breathing in and then slowly releasing the air, through your nostrils, also helps. Thinking of something funny, might help too.

Take Good Friends to Workout with You

Talking to your good friends, who support you of whom your trust, also helps get rid of stress. Plus inviting them to do your workouts with you, holds you accountable. Then it’s that much more enjoyable when it’s someone you like, in your circle, who is working out with you. Plus good supporting relationships goes a long way in mental and physical health.

In The End

Be in control of your feelings and your health. Maintaining your daily health with exercise helps you do this. You are strong; therefore you are not a victim to negative feelings.

Cut fear, anger, depression and worry short. This is, because you don’t need them. Neither does your family or loved ones.  Be the trend setter for them. They will follow suit and you will be around longer for them. Plus you want to be around for your golden years and grandchildren too.

Take control of your stress. Remember live for today to make tomorrow better. When you are active and doing something about your situation, things are always going to pan out for the better.


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