How to Begin a Successful Day


How we start our day can set us up for an effective and productive outcome throughout the day.

We’ve all had that sinking feeling. One thing goes wrong at the start of our work day and all the other activities that follow go on that same downward spiral. You feel like you should have stayed in bed.

How we begin our day from the moment we get out of bed can have a massive impact on everything else.

You can even overcome obstacles and negative events throughout the day by implementing a few simple changes in your day.

Your day hasn’t been cursed

It may seem like you’re having a “bad” day when everything seems to go wrong.  However the course your day will take really depends on you. Specifically the routine you engage in when you wake up.

The word engaged suggests commitment. If you’re engaged to your girlfriend or boyfriend you have made a commitment to them or a promise.

If you engage your mind with your day from the outset and make a commitment to being successful you can overcome anything, good or bad.

How to engage your mind

What do you do when you get up in the morning? Head straight for the coffee maker, slump in your seat and watch the news? Or do you wake up late and grab breakfast on the go?

That’s what many of us do but that’s hardly what you would call making a commitment to your day.

A good routine involves focus. So rising in the morning and taking care of yourself to prepare for the day ahead is vital.

The first thing you should do is drink some water. During the night you will have become dehydrated. So it’s important to replenish your body with water.

An excellent way to begin is with exercise. Our bodies were designed to move.Whether you want to do some yoga or have an intense workout, it’s up to you.

Another component of preparing for your day is having a hearty breakfast. Our bodies need fuel to function just like a car does. If there is something that enriches you before you head out to work, like taking a bath or reading something uplifting and strengthening that may be worthwhile to.

Begin a successful day the night before. Going to bed at a reasonable hour to rest will help your energy levels the next day.That may mean a little discipline but it will be worth it.

How will this affect your day?

Successful athletes usually go through the same routine beforehand. Having similar mental and physical routines will help us to cope with pressure, challenges, and negative events in our day.

We will have the presence of mind to realize that one bad event in our day doesn’t set of a chain of events that hits our day like a domino effect.

Mindset has a lot to do with it too. But a positive mindset will grow and flourish with an early morning routine that gives us mental and physical fuel to last us the day.

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