10 Tips For Lasting Happiness In Your Marriage


Today, more than 50% of all marriages fail for one cause or another. The commitment seems scary and marriage takes time and hard work. When your marriage is faced with challenges, hardships, loss of a family member, or a sick child, never give up. Decide now to love your partner and stick it out. In all marriages, nothing is perfect and there will be major obstacles to overcome.

There are many ways to build, strengthen, and improve your marriage. Each day means working hard at loving your partner. As the days turn into weeks, and weeks into years, your love grows.

The Power of Touch:

The power of touch plays an important role in marriages. In the beginning you held hands, and touched each other. As time goes on the touches become less and less. Touch is so important in marriages. It shows you still care about the other person and still love him. When was the last time you walked up to your mate and just played with his hair or gave him a kiss on the cheek? Next time you are sitting in the car reach over and hold his hand. He might act surprised at first and give you a strange look. He will experience the force of your love and inside he is smiling.

Marriage Needs Space:

In marriage, it is important to spend quality time with each other, but it is equally important to give each other time to do something they like. The importance of marriage is trust and allowing your partner time alone with his friends. You deserve time to see your friends to go see a girly film together. Your husband needs time with his to go fishing or play poker on Friday night. Place trust in each other, do not drill your partner when he comes in because if you do this will never work. Base your marriage on love, faith, and intellect.

Changing Predictability:

After years of marriage the life becomes predictable. This is the case of many marriages ending. Your life needs new fuel to keep your marriage going. Try something new in your relationship. If your husband spends his Saturday afternoon watching football join him. Prepare some finger sandwiches or snacks and join him on the couch watching the game. Spark up a conversation and ask questions about football. He will be so happy to answer and see you are taking an interest in what he enjoys. If your wife spends her weekends in the garden join her. Buy her a new plant and go help her plant it. Marriage is taking chances and doing the unexpected.

Start Communicating:

If your marriage has suffered some hard times normally the first reaction is to stop talking. Normally you feel that it is easier to stop talking than always getting mad. This is not good for you or your marriage. The only way to repair the problems is to talk about them. Agree that you will both sit down and talk and listen to each other. You will be free to say what is bothering you. Your husband might not like what he hears but he is listening. If you do not agree with what your wife has said do not get angry and yell at her. Calmly talk through the problems and in time the communication will open up and heal the troubles.

A Night of Passion:

When your marriage has problems the last thing you want is to be sexual passionate with your husband. The healing begins when you start to have intimate time together. Consider surprising your husband with a bubble bath. Light some candles and soak in the tub, talking, touching, and getting to know each other again. Think of ways to rekindle your marriage. Plan a night away from home with a romantic evening, dinner, wine, and a beautiful room. Passion is what keeps the marriage alive and couples together.

Celebrating Birthdays:

As we get older birthdays become less significant. For your husband’s next birthday plan a special evening together. The evening can be alone or shared with friends. Make him realize that he is important to you and even as you grow older the love you feel is still there.

Romantic Getaway:

Plan a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you. Discover a quiet cottage or bed and breakfast to spend the weekend at. Look at the location and find points of interest the two of you would enjoy seeing. Make the time to enjoy the alone time together. Sit in front of the fireplace drinking wine, hot coffee or cappuccino. Relax, enjoy, and make the weekend a romantic weekend you both will remember.

Tell It With Words:

Write a special note to your spouse and hide it in a special place they will find. If they travels put it in their suitcase between the clothes. If they wears a suit to work hide it in one of the pockets. Be creative and tell them how you feel. Everyone wants to discover how much they mean to each other. Tell them and watch the smile on his face when he gets home that night.

Cuddle Time Is Important:

As the years pass, the special moments of cuddling stop. There appears to be no time to simply sit down and snuggle. Make the time to cuddle and hold each other. At night when seeing a film together, sit close to each other and just snuggle. This makes you both feel loved and secure.


Over time you feel comfortable with each other and your kisses become just pecks. Stop the pecking and get serious about the kissing. When your spouse comes home tonight give them a real kiss. Get passionate with your kissing and show them you still care and love his kisses.

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