Gorgeous Hairstyles Meant for Weddings


A special day requires you to look your absolute best, especially if you’re the blossoming bride. Searching for a hairstyle sure is easier than finding your soul mate, so whether you are a bride-to- be, a maid of honor, one of the bridesmaids or simply a wedding hobbyist slash fanatic, these hairstyles to be presented will bring out a beautiful look that is just perfect for weddings and walking down the aisle.

Up do’s 

1. For something regal and formal, create a flawless braided bun by coiling your braid around to neat proportion. If your hair isn’t long enough, you might need some extensions for this look. Perfect a sleek and clean ponytail for starters as it will serve of the foundation of the entire style. Add extra shine by using oil products and hairspray to hold it firmly.

2. Another elegant look that even came from the red carpet is an inspired-by-Grace Kelly sculpted chignon that is even highlighted by stunning hairpieces to complete a look fit for a princess.

3. Casual yet quipped with sass? Then a tousled bun is an ideal style for you. Sweet-looking and soft tendrils just hanging at the sides of your face is quite a charming form.

4. A loose textured top bun coupled with an exquisite hair ornament is sure to turn heads. Side-swept bangs are also significant to the whole look as it can radiate a youthful vibe as well as counterbalance a big hair-piece.

5. Be a vision for an outdoor ceremony with a free-flowing ponytail in the back and leave out a gorgeous face-framing fringe in the front. It is quite easy to pull off and doesn’t need a long time to prepare.

6. Accessorize any up do with a tiara or crown for the bride. After all, you are the star and the most beautiful belle of that day.

Hair down

1. Let your hair do the talking. Long and soft wavy curls are all natural. Accentuate with fine fresh flowers that add a touch of softness and romance to this wedding hairstyle. Playful

ombré waves capped with a floral crown brings out a youthful charm that is a fantastic match for any laid-back and intimate garden wedding. Secure the crown with some handy pins.

2. Don’t let your short hair bring you down, extensions are not necessary. Just be yourself and flaunt that bob and bangs. Sometimes all you have to do is curl up the ends to have a fancy sweet look.

3. This is not actually letting your hair done, but a pixie cut will surely entitle you to a fuss-free wedding. Not much styling is required, just a little tweaking here and there and you’ll find yourself modernly beautiful and ready to go in no time.

4. Looking for a romantic look that is just wonderful for your dream wedding? Brushed out loose curls can bring out the beauty and glamour with a vintage-inspired mane. Hair pulled off to one side will show your neck and frames your face while flaunting your earrings.

Image by: PercyHandmade

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