6 Common Sleeping Disorders

We all go through distressing situations. The only time our minds and bodies get to rest and repair themselves completely, is when we are sleeping. But when this rest phase is disrupted, changes in our body and even our daily lives, occur. Read more

5 Herbs for Stress

With hectic daily schedules, joggling between family responsibilities and work related tasks, we all live nowadays under the empire of stress. Our body may well endure it for brief period of time, but prolonged stressful circumstances can impact not only our morale, but also our physical health. Read more

7 Tips for Staying in Shape This Holiday Season

Its that time of year again. Where it gets colder and the sun goes down early. Its easy to get caught up in the warmth of your home and say “Yeah, I’ll just go work out tomorrow”. It also doesn’t help that the holiday season brings not only family and tradition, but also many unhealthy food choices. Here are a few easy tips to help keep you in shape this holiday season! Read more

5 Steps to Family Preparedness Before a Distaster Strikes

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods happen and are on the increase. In the U.S. alone there were 1,000 tornadoes reported in the first half of 2013. This is what climatologists have been predicting. With more people moving to hazardous areas there is a greater chance that they will be involved in a natural disaster. Taking some preparation time now can mean the difference between a family challenge and a disaster. Here are some tips: Read more

The Addicted Mind; Brain-Forest

Addiction to nicotine and other substances is as much a disease as cancer or diabetes. Addiction processes have recently been mapped using MRI scans and chemical tracing technology at several major research institutions across the U.S. Read more

Manual Labor and Keeping Fit

There is an inherent freedom in working on the land. The sweet scents and aroma of cut grass and herbs tingle the senses. The beauty of nature manifested through all of creation and life basks you in the sweat and satisfaction of knowing that you are among creation itself. Rather than being surrounded by concrete walls and other materials, you marvel at the pristine character of nature’s finest. Read more

Good Health and Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular and for a number of reasons. For many consumers the amount of hormones used in pork and beef to help them grew faster is of grave concern. And the give and take of nutritional needs for different types of vegetarians is important to understand also. There are some who eliminate beef and pork completely but will eat fish and chicken and others who take meat completely out of their diet. Read more

Picking the Right Exercise for 2020

It’s a well known fact that everyone should exercise. This universal truth is even more important in this day and age when most of us lead sedentary lifestyles. A lot of jobs involve sitting or standing for 8 hours, and most of us don’t even walk to our workplace as we drive or use public transport. Read more

Wild Swimming – Stay Safe When You Take The Plunge

Summer is here and it looks like being another hot one. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool dip on a sweltering hot day, but last year 20 Britons died as a result of swimming in quarries and other open water spots. Open water swimming can be invigorating but it can also be dangerous. Read more