The Many Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers often overlook the primary benefits of exercise during pregnancy. Although there are drastic changes to the body during this time regular activity during pregnancy has many benefits. The goals is not to lose weight, but to stay fit during this changing time. Read more

20 Great Reasons to Get Up and Get Moving

Health, vitality and serenity….who doesn’t want to live a life full of these three key ingredients? Physical and emotional well-being cannot be achieved without effort and hard work. You need to get up, and breathe happy. Read more

How to Cure Sinusitis During Pregnancy

If you are sneezing, coughing and you have a runny nose with a constant sinus headache during pregnancy, do not fret! You can still find many alternative natural treatments, but first let’s get to know more about this disease: Explained in layman’s terms, sinus headache designates sinus infection or inflammation. Read more

Signs of Vision Problems in Young Kids

It seems that everyone has a vision of what eye problems in kids look like – usually, they narrow everything down to subbing their eyes, squinting or sitting too close to the TV set. And usually, these are some of the symptoms of vision problems in kids but they are not all. Sometimes, symptoms aren’t even symptomatic and unless your child comes to you and says they can’t see well, there’s nothing much you can do. Read more

How to Make the Transition to Organic Food

Organic food provides more than just health benefits because the taste of organically grown food usually surpasses that of commercially grown food as well. Unlike commercial producers, organic growers do not force their produce to ripen early, and fruits and vegetables allowed to mature naturally typically have a flavor superior to that of conventionally grown products forced to ripen prematurely. Read more

Running Today Let´s Eat First.

When I talk about going on a run, food always comes to mind, not because I am longing something to eat, but because I always ask myself if I should eat before running and if so, what kind of food? Read more

Five Ways to Fit in Exercise When You Work From Home

Working from home is great – you can work when you want, wherever you want, even work in your pajamas! The downside, though, is that many work-from-home jobs involve lots of sitting down and between working and running a household, it can be easy to let other things like exercise slide. Read more

9 Ingredients for a Better You

This is not about you winning. This is about you completing a workout routine to live a healthy and right lifestyle. The more you invest on becoming physically in good shape, the more you’ll be the better version of you. Read more

Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

The mention of winter season conjures up images of warm blankets, steaming mugs of coffee, crackling fires and pristine white snow falling softly. However, this postcard perfect image of winter season is far from complete. For those who suffer from frequent bouts of flu, cold, eczema, arthritis or asthma, winter season can bring endless days of misery and ill-health. Read more

Top 5 Essential Tips to Help You Lose Weight

If you are one of the many people who are striving to lose weight, you probably want effective results that last. While diet plans and fitness fads work, they are only effective up to some extent. For the most part, the results are temporary, because you only get to work on them for a while. Read more