10 Ways to Conquer Constipation


Most of us know what it is like to have experienced that unpleasant condition, constipation of the bowels, at some time in our lives. It’s a real pain in the butt!  It seems to be more common nowadays than it used to be, as modern lifestyles are partly to blame. Fast food, takeaways and unhealthy processed foods feature largely in the diets of so many people these days, besides a large caffeine intake, which is dehydrating. Read more

Having Trouble “Holding It?” Treatment and Prevention for Incontinence


Did you think that urinary incontinence was only for old folks? Think again. The grocer’s diaper aisle has pads for all ages. This is due to what is called pelvic floor disorder(PFD) and it is caused by the muscles of the pelvic floor not opening and closing properly. Problems range from burning, pain, urine leaks and even pelvic organ prolapses. Read more

Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


Recent research has presented compelling evidence that it is possible to ward off many common neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s. In fact, by making a few simple lifestyle changes you could reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s by a massive 70% to 80%. Read more

Kicking the Caffeine Habit


That morning cup of coffee…that afternoon tea break. It’s such a daily part of life, we can’t imagine our day without it. Who among us is so pure they don’t allow even a drop of caffeine to cross their lips? Read more

Choosing Organic Moisturizers: Made Easy!


Browsing through the beauty section of your nearby departmental store in hopes of finding the ‘right’ product for your skin type is no easy task. With the huge number of products available, all of them with clever marketing strategies, choosing the right one can be difficult, and often, you may end up with some horrible product that may cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Read more

7 Myths About Your Monthly Cycle

Monthly cycle

Not only young girls are curious about their cycles. Myths about such things as not being unable to perm your hair, feeling fat, craving chocolate, not being able to swim, not being able to participate in gym class and not feeling like being intimate that have been going around female circles for years. Let’s learn the truth about some of  these myths. Read more

6 Common Sleeping Disorders


We all go through distressing situations. The only time our minds and bodies get to rest and repair themselves completely, is when we are sleeping. But when this rest phase is disrupted, changes in our body and even our daily lives, occur. Read more

5 Herbs for Stress


With hectic daily schedules, joggling between family responsibilities and work related tasks, we all live nowadays under the empire of stress. Our body may well endure it for brief period of time, but prolonged stressful circumstances can impact not only our morale, but also our physical health. Read more

7 Tips for Staying in Shape This Holiday Season


Its that time of year again. Where it gets colder and the sun goes down early. Its easy to get caught up in the warmth of your home and say “Yeah, I’ll just go work out tomorrow”. It also doesn’t help that the holiday season brings not only family and tradition, but also many unhealthy food choices. Here are a few easy tips to help keep you in shape this holiday season! Read more

5 Steps to Family Preparedness Before a Distaster Strikes


Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods happen and are on the increase. In the U.S. alone there were 1,000 tornadoes reported in the first half of 2013. This is what climatologists have been predicting. With more people moving to hazardous areas there is a greater chance that they will be involved in a natural disaster. Taking some preparation time now can mean the difference between a family challenge and a disaster. Here are some tips: Read more