Climatotherapy and Your Health

Not feeling your best? Maybe a change in location will help you feel better. For the people suffering from psoriasis that is exactly what some doctors are prescribing. Read more

Finding Health and Life Insurance With a Chronic Condition

Those shopping for health or life insurance coverage with a preexisting condition can face a considerable amount of resistance when it comes to attaining a policy. Nonetheless, protection for you and your family in times of crisis is a priority. The fact that you fit into a “high risk“ category should not disqualify you from coverage nor make your rates astronomical. Read more

Why Trending Diets Never Work

Every year, from what seems to be a place of nowhere, there is a list of trending diets for the new year. These diets promise the same thing every year, that you are going to lose tons of weight if you stick to their program and feel great about yourself. Read more

The Balancing Act: Balancing Health and Fitness

Although health and fitness may seem like the same thing, they are not. In fact, they are two separate things that need to be worked on individually to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Fitness focuses on your physical well-being; maintaining a certain weight, body mass index, and fat percentage. Health focuses on your mental, spiritual, and internal and external well-being. Read more

Varicose Veins: Prevention and Treatment Tips

You have seen them: twisting, blue veins that appear on the back of legs. These are called varicose veins and are not a lovely sight. If you are suffering from this condition, you will replace all your short skirts or shorts with ankle-length clothes. Have you ever asked yourself what the cause of this condition is and how to prevent its occurrence? Here is a primer. Read more

5 Tips to Improve Your Dental Health

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A beautiful smile can make a person look more attractive to others. Everyone desires a perfect smile. However, poor oral health can make it difficult for a person to have a gleaming, healthy smile. There are many dental problems and gum diseases that can have a very negative impact not just on your smile but your overall health. Read more