Online Dating: Avoid These 6 Common Scams

Spring is in the air and many people’s thoughts are turning to romance. Internet dating is fast becoming the most popular way of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right, and whilst the vast majority of websites are careful to eliminate scammers, some fraudsters do make it past the checks. It’s really important to be aware of how potential scammers operate and the tactics they might employ so that you stay safe online. Read more

Going the Distance for Long Distance: Maintaining the Spark

One of the main reasons why relationships flourish is trust. It’s easy to build trust if you’re with your significant other constantly. But how can you do the same when you’re in a long-distance relationship? How can you keep the spark alive when you’re separated by a million miles of ocean from your loved one? Read more

The Curious Case of Compatibilities When Choosing a Partner

Dating is one of those few games where a vast majority of us are going to make mistakes, ranging from frivolous to grave. But fortunately, we are allowed to make them; dating is a science which is not absolute and we are left with no other choice but to rely on the trial and error method, however erratic the method may be. Read more

LOVE: A Four Letter Word or a Whole New Meaning to Life?

I remember when I was a teenager I used to sit around with my high school sweetheart asking myself this question day after day. At that age, you don’t realize that the world can even be such a cruel place. Everything seems so perfect and dandy when you think that you have it all. Read more

Internet Dating: Staying Safe

Internet dating is now the most popular way among singles of all ages of searching for Mr. or Mrs, Right. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is genuine in their intentions and there have been an alarming number of incidents recently where women have been the victims of sexual assault and even rape by men they have met through online dating sites. Read more

Relationships: How Do We Know?

Sometimes I wonder how people know whether or not they have a healthy and functional relationship. What does one do and how does one define it? How do you know when it’s right? How do you know you are doing the right things? Read more

Poetry and Insight : The Learning of Love Manual

This is a poem I wrote when I started to see the way society has taken in the concept of love, and I put my feelings and experiences onto paper to share, and maybe help people look at the never ending hunt for true love as a process of finding ones self!  I call this poem “The Learning Curve”: Read more

Lessons in Moving: Home and Heart

Moving is an interesting experience that brings out probably some of the most frustrating feelings possible. Two people in a happy and functional relationship seem to bring the worst out of each other during the stressful uprooting of lives. Read more

How to Have a Better Relationship in 2014

Pledge to make 2014 a better year for you and your relationship. Studies show that one of the best predictions for happiness is being satisfied in our romantic relationship. This is even more important than our high stress job, income or education. Here is some tips on how to achieve this: Read more