Open Your Heart to Happiness


If you open your heart to the world, you are open to all potential options!

Yes, risking staying disappointed, but also opening space for dreams. To be open or be closed? To express your emotions, or to hide them from surrounding? Should I let my conduct be in harmony with the emotions and feelings, or to live in two separate worlds?

Sooner or later, many of us are faced with similar Shakespeare like questions – to be … or not to be…?

We find love, experience the wonderful moments of happiness flourishing. One day, however, things turn over. Love is evaporated and in its place remained only the pain of separation. How many of us have experienced broken heart syndrome?Suppose almost everybody.

Often injured heart after has been opened is closed!

We want to prevent future disappointments and that pain that rips our hearts of millions of pieces. At first this can be a successful strategy to help us protect ourselves from future pains.

On the other hand, life goes on and ever meets the right person.

Heart awakens and begins to whisper that we can be happy again. This is exactly the time that we need to do sacred choice – to open it up and take the risk, or to remain sealed and to lose before we tried. You stay closed in your armor of security, we ourselves are doomed to unhappiness.

Unfortunately, fear is a very powerful force and wants a great deal of awareness and courage to leave the past behind and to open up again your heart to the present.

Part of our fear is fueled by the fact that really there are no guarantees. Who can guarantee that even open and to give you another chance, I will not stay disappointed? Nobody!

Open that, however, we are changing significantly:

First – we declare that we are stronger than the pain caused us in the past. Second – rely on courage, which is the true antidote to fear. Third – learn to accept life as it is now – not looking illusory guarantees. Fourth – to live in harmony with our own emotions and feelings and dare to express in them in our behavior. This means that we are authentic. Fifth – open for the opportunity to be happier! We deserve it!

To live in this world is scary, but we have the chance to learn through their choices and decisions:

To live in harmony with yourself! – Be brave! – To live fully in the present, as we accept it as it is! – Do not let the pain of the past and fear of the future to stop us, paralyze and plunder. – To live in love and happiness! Keep your heart open and breath happily!

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