Take Out Versus Home Cooked: Finding Family Balance


My husband was raised on fast food, not home cooked meals and family dinners, but fast food. I on the other hand was raised eating at home and we rarely ate out. So of course this causes a major battle in my home, simply because he has grown accustomed to eating out, while I would rather eat at home. I have decided to do an article on eating out versus eating in for those who find themselves in the same position.

First, I am going to start off with some of the benefits that come with eating out. The very first thought that pops in my head is, “ YAY!! No mess to clean up!” This is one of the major benefits of going out to eat. There is no mess or hassle of preparing the food and cleaning when the meal is over. You just order what you want and leave when you finish eating. For working moms and dads this is important there just never seems to be enough time in the day to get things done and cooking a meal seems to be one more thing on the huge list of things that you need to get done. So if you can knock one of those things off the list, why not? To be honest this is the only benefit I could think of as to why it is better to eat out than eat at home. I am so biased I know but I really don’t see any other benefit to it. I’m sure my husband would disagree and find several reasons why it is better. At least I tried to see the other side, right?

Now for my favorite part, the benefits of eating in your nice, cozy home. First of all the health benefits of eating at home over exceeds the nutrition you get from eating out, especially if you are eating organic food. Which even though I would like to try a healthier lifestyle like organic I’m not sure my husband or myself could handle that? I am taking baby steps towards being healthier, just easing into the whole eat healthy be healthy lifestyle. Even if you are like me and don’t eat organic, it is still healthier for you to eat at home. I for one want my children to have the best start possible so it is very important to me that we begin eating healthy so that our children will follow in our footsteps and do the same. It is hard to tell sally to eat her veggies while she is watching you enjoy a jelly filled doughnut. Another benefit is the family time that you get to enjoy while preparing the food and sitting down to eat and yes even clean up can be time used to have girl talk with your little girl. I know you are together when you eat out but there are so many distractions at a restaurant. You know, like little Sally and Johnny having a food fight at the table beside of you. That might be a little exaggerated, but you get my point.

I guess it depends on the family and each person’s desires for their family which one you think is the best. Every family and situation is different so I can’t say what I think would be best for every family in America because I don’t know their life. For me and my family though I know that eating at home is the best solution. I feel that eating at home is the best alternative and I want my hubby and babies to have the best that life can offer. Now if I can just change my husband’s taste buds to like home cooked food, or maybe change my cooking to his liking



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