Why Improving Your Self Image Is Important


Self image affects almost everything we do in life. Our own view of ourselves may be inaccurate. The way others view us, or the way they perceive us affects our thinking. This results in a distorted view of who we are inside.

Why is improving self image so important?

Your  own mental picture of yourself  will impact every part of your life. Just as a painters image of his masterpiece, dictates his brush strokes, our image of who we are,  dictates what we do. When a particular action is inconsistent with our self image, it is unlikely we will take that action.

If you view yourself as unworthy of success, you won’t do things that will make you successful. If you believe that being in a loving relationship, isn’t what you deserve, you won’t search for the loving person who will treat you that way. Consider some areas of life where Self image is vital

In a Marriage or Relationship:

Self image has such a massive impact here,  because everything you do effect’s the other person. If you lack self worth, your partner may constantly have to assure you of your worth. You may feel insecurity, which leads to actions your partner interprets as mistrust. When tough times hit a marriage,  in particular, self image plays a key role.

Knowing that you posses the capacity to deal with problems, helps your marriage thrive. Whether it’s financial worries, dealing with the in laws, or health problems. Avoiding such problems by turning to alcohol, gambling, or other vices erodes your partners love for you. Giving up, when faced with problems, may leave your partner feeling alone, or over burdened.

When we do positive things in marriage because our self image is positive, the result on our marriage will be positive.

In the Workplace:

Having a poor self image affects our productivity and opportunities in the workplace. I’ve seen many people promoted because they believe they fit the role. Some people have more talent, but lack the confidence and belief in themselves. Feeling worthy of the pay rise may be an issue.

A self image in the other direction is equally detrimental. A Manager who thinks he has all the answers, who knows better than anyone, may not listen to crucial advice from his team.

With Your Children:

If you feel that you’re  a poor parent, you may take a step back from your childrens’ life. Your child may grow up feeling like you don’t care. An unhealthy self image, as we’ve discussed already, may bring some harmful vices into the home. Children may copy your example,  or resent you for exposing them to harm.

Do you see yourself in the Mother or Father role? If you see yourself as someone who is strong and tough,  to the extreme, your children may be deprived of the loving side of your personality.

Work to Improve Your Self Image:

An appropriate Self Image is the core foundation of a happy, productive, and successful life. It’s not easy to let go of your old mental picture. Continuously making the effort to improve your self image,  is less strenuous than dealing with negative effects associated with a poor mental picture of you.

As you start to believe in yourself, your abilities, talents, and worth, you will grow. Before you know it, you’ll have  positive things going on in your life. Even, when things go wrong, you can make the right decisions and keep moving forward.

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