Who Is Slim in 6’s Debbie Siebers?


Before picking any personal trainer, you should get to know a little about them, their qualifications, and their method and style. Just because somebody works at the biggest, most expensive gym in town doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about—after all, they could be the owner’s grandson, or the manager’s wife. And in a similar vein, just because someone is splashed on the cover of a DVD workout, it doesn’t mean they’re competent authorities (think of all the gimmicky exercise tools out there, and the ‘experts’ who promise they’ll work). So when it comes to Slim in 6, it pays to do a little research on Debbie Siebers, even if her program has a sterling reputation. Who is she, where did she come from, and what does she know about fitness training?

Fast forward a few years, and Debbie’s now in L.A., where she’s working at Body-for-Jake, the pioneer fitness company that promoted fitness in the entertainment industry and on TV. While her boss trained actors and movie stars like Harrison Ford for his Indiana Jones movies, she worked with people like Tori Spelling, Paul Marciano and Ann Spielberg to get them into shape. She began to book spots on TV, and worked as a freelancer at the best gyms and health spa’s in L.A., such as Crunch Gym, Meridian Sports, For Women Only Gym and the Peninsula Hotel. In short, she was incredibly successful, and crazy crazy busy.

First thing you’ll notice about her is her easy charm and honest smile. She’s a Mid-Western girl, having grown up in Little Chute, Wisconsin, a town of some 10,000 residents and home to the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. As a member of her high school’s cheerleading squad, Debbie struggled with a compulsive eating disorder, and it was this very struggle that highlighted the importance of health in her life. It’s due to those years of struggling with her weight and happiness that Debbie claims to always be in touch with the troubles that plague people everywhere, and the difficulty people have in following fitness programs.

Then, into this maelstrom of fitness and success came her life changing connection with Carl Daikeler, the pioneer of fitness infomercials who recognized not only her knowledge and skill but her charm and charisma, and together they produced her first video workout, ‘Thin Thighs Guaranteed’. The huge success of this program with the public cemented her business relationship with Carl, even as she continued to work and promote health through such activities as becoming the spokesperson for Bowflex and hosting infomercials such as the “Body Vibes” and “Superfood System”.

But all this was just a warm up for what was to come. When Carl created his company in the late 90’s, he got back in touch with Debbie and asked her to create a new program for him, which became, as you may have guessed, Slim in 6. If you want to know how successful that became, all you have to do is Google it, and see the 23,600,000 page results.  Her career has been a long one, her energy has been unflagging, and her continued success on all levels speaks to her perseverance and energy. Slim in Six sells so much because it works, and in the end, success speaks for itself.


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