5 Healthy Habits That Will Actually Change Your Life

While having goals in life is essential and part of why we live and what we do, it can also be fear-provoking at times. When you have healthy habits to anchor you, you can focus on your goals and live life fuller and successfully. Habits are what make a man. Read more

12 Tips for Happy Freelancers

Becoming self-employed is a great way to increase your independence and gain control over your professional life. Once you’re free from the shackles of a permanent contract, you can plan your working week exactly the way you want it – creating an income on your own terms. After all, who says you can’t spend one half the week as an investment banker and the other dressed as a circus clown? Read more

3 Important Decisions You Will Make Standing up to Fear

We all know fear.

Fear is the snarky bully who introduces itself somewhere around puberty and attends the School of Life with us from that moment on. The details of fear vary by person and by circumstance, of course, but generally, we adorable, self-interested little humans all tend to be scared of two things, regardless of any other factors at play: Read more

Some Nasty Habits That Need To Go

Are you looking to get more from life? Are you wondering why you are still stuck in a rut in spite of having made major decisions in improving your lifestyle and well-being? Let’s look at some of the little, niggling habits in your life that might be hindering your goal towards good health to banish them for life. Read more

Dealing With a Bad Mood

The mood is one of the variables.

Maybe during the day we are in a great mood and suddenly something happen to us spoils it. Read more

Kick Your Bad Habits

The other day, my peaceful moment of reading in a nearby park was greatly disturbed when one of the two passersby made a loud snorting noise and subsequently spitting out into the drain. “How Rude!” I thought to myself. The culprit was nonchalant and so was his friend. So, a thought popped up in my mind; “Why are they acting so normal for doing something as ill-mannered as snorting and spitting in public place? Read more

Thoughts on Developing Yourself

Personal development is concept used for many different ways to improve yourself in society, career wise and socially. Many sites offer you different plans on how to personally develop yourself. They all claim to be the best technique to personally develop yourself. But the problem with personal development and social media is the development still remains personal. Read more

Those Gray Hairs

We all have grandparents or for the most part have seen someone with a head full of gray hair. Some of us younger folks, chuckle at the thought that someday our hair may do the same. Others are determined to make sure their hair never turns gray. However, this past weekend I learned quite a bit about those silver strands that grow beautifully on older folk’s heads. Read more