5 Resources for Facing and Overcoming Addiction

If a person is dealing with addiction, it is important for them to know that genuine help is available from a variety of sources. An addiction can be difficult to manage and even embarrassing for a person to admit having. But an addiction does not have to rule a person’s life. Read more

Balancing Your Chakras

What do you think when you hear the term ‘chakra’? Chakras refers to your seven primary energy centers that vertically run along the torso of your body. Basically, chakras are portals where energy and light flow in and out. Overall, their main function is to revitalize your physical body and to enable your ‘higher’ self to evolve. Read more

Growing Up…Again

Do you remember that moment at the end of high school, when you knew that you were all grown up? You were ready to take on the world. You were ready for whatever life threw at you because you felt like “you’d been through it all.” High school was your transition into adulthood. Your parents underestimated you and your experiences, and your friends didn’t have it as hard as you did. You were definitely as mature as you’d ever be. You were fully an adult, right? Read more

Redirecting Your Life

There is a place that we have to reach when we know within us that it is time to stop a bad habit. It may be smoking, eating, drugs, or gambling. We get down to that area in our lives where it comes screaming home to us. To recover we have to choose it for ourselves, not have other people telling us that it needs to be done. Read more

Open Your Heart and Embrace the World!

Most people choose to close themselves off when they experience traumatic events. They don’t give a chance to the world to soften them. Pretending that pain and hurt do not exist is not helpful, because we can run but we cannot hide from ourselves. Learning to open our hearts to life is a key to well-being and true happiness. Read more

Life Lessons my Mother Taught Me

Today I am grateful that my mother taught me many life lessons even though I was a reluctant student as a teenager. Although I never thought my mother knew much about life when I was a teenager, I realize now that perhaps she did. My mother taught me many life lessons, often inadvertently. Read more

Living With Your True Self

Humans are a naturally social species. We need contact with others, to be accepted, to be liked. All of which brings happiness and peace in our lives. Sometimes, in the pursuit of that happiness, we tend to lose ourselves and end up changing just so that we can be accepted and loved. We compromise who we are to make others more comfortable around ourselves. We shrink back so others can shine. We hide our true selves. Read more

Overcoming the Darkness Inside of You

I was thirteen and making the decision of a lifetime. I had nowhere to turn except my heart. Deep down I knew I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t let someone suffer from my mistakes. The decision was made, I was keeping it. This little bundle of joy was now going to be my life. I was thirteen when I made love for the first time. Read more

The Importance of Vacationing

In today’s fast paced and frenetic world, sometimes it can be easy to overdo it. Many of us tend to try to work until we drop, either from habit or because we are conditioned to feel that we have to. But when we work ourselves into the ground, we are opening ourselves up to a whole raft of health problems. Read more

Ridding Your Life of Toxic People

There is an old saying, “Love makes the world go round,” but occasionally (or maybe often) we run across people who seem determined to hate everyone and everything. They never see the good side of anything. They belittle and criticize others’ efforts and ideas. They always predict bad outcomes for any plans. They are Read more