10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Fine Lines


Having that fine line you never wanted might not be as hard as you think; however, there are many things you will have to look out for in order to keep the lines from overflowing your body. Here are 10 things you should watch out for.

#1 Moisturizing is important Caring for your skin is important, especially when it comes to proper hydration. Dry skin loses elasticity and develops fine lines faster. Remember to moisturize, especially after washing, as it will help you retain skin health.

#2 Do not over-wash It is necessary to wash your skin, however, do not over-wash as it will only lead to stripping your skin of much needed natural oils, which is needed for the skin to stay soft and supple. Moreover, by drying out the skin, you will expose it to other issues that come with dry skin.

#3 Antioxidants are your friends Fighting of free radicals is important, as they will ruin your cells from within. Using creams rich with antioxidants; you will be able to help your skin stay younger and more elastic.

#4 Sunscreen is vital Sunscreen is great for fighting of damaging sunrays, but it is also helpful fighting of fine lines. A little bit of it during hot days is never a bad idea.

#5 Keep smiling Try to avoid repeated facial movements, frowning especially as it will help you develop fine lines, smiling more will only help your skin get rid of and prevent developing fine lines.

#6 Reduce lip pursing Smoking and drinking from straws can also develop fine lines around your lips, which can all be avoided easily by taking care how much you smoke and drink through a straw on a day. Also, smoking is generally bad for your skin, so work on quitting.

#7 Fish is good Fish are rich in protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which help your skin glow and be healthier. Not only that, but a healthy diet will immensely improve your overall skin health as well, which will lead to less fine lines.

#8 Sleeping on your back It is better to sleep on your back as it will allow your skin on your face to breathe and to replenish during your sleep time. Avoid sleeping on your stomach and side, to avoid fine line creation.

#9 AHA creams Alpha hydroxyl acids help life layers of dead skin and reduce the look of fine lines, especially around your eyes. But you can always use botox as well to help you fight of the nasty fine lines around your eyes and forehead.

#10 Try to keep your eyes open Squinting should be considered your number one enemy, and you should avoid it as much as possible, because it is a surefire way to get those pesky fine lines on your skin. Instead of squinting it is better to use sunglasses or to avoid places which will make you squint altogether. And if you need to squint when reading, it is time to visit your optometrist.

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