8 Tips to Burn Your Belly Fat

The party season is over for another year, and burning your belly fat may be an impossible task. Like many of us, you may have tried stomach crunches sideways, backwards, and upside down, but to no avail. Perhaps you’ve danced around the living room, while copying Youtube videos. Tried the crazy diet that makes you cranky and tired? Read more

Rethink Your Method of Setting New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is quickly coming up and many people are once again thinking of their New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, vast majority of people end up giving up on their goals within the first couple months, if not the first month. By changing your way of thinking and method of goal-setting you can successfully determine which resolutions are most important to you and how to achieve them. Read more

New Miracle All-Natural Wound Treatment Derived from Honey

Many of the drugs and pharmaceuticals we rely on today originate from purely natural sources. How else did our ancestors cure minor ailments, treat wounds and the like? But did you know that honey is one such substance? In 2011, Ian Staples (former MD of Halfords) discovered that certain types of honey have remarkable antimicrobial qualities. Read more

3 Simple DIY Facial Masks for Winter

For some people the winter season means skin problems. The cold, dry weather and harsh winds can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Switching your skin care regimen around to more moisturizing products is the first step. Add in one of these easy hydrating DIY face mask and your skin will thank you! Read more

Do You Have SAD? (How to Handle Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Winter is now officially here. For some people this season isn’t just filled with happy holiday family events, hot cocoa by the fire, and sledding. If you’ve been feeling a bit down lately and aren’t sure why, you may have SAD. SAD is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a surprisingly common disorder. Nearly one in twenty people suffer from it. Read more

Time For A Booze Break?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to share with family and friends; kicking back and enjoying a break from the daily grind, tucking into too much food, spending too much money and probably imbibing a little too much alcohol. All things are fine in moderation, but going over the top can lead to longer term problems especially where the booze is concerned. Read more

Give Yourself a Wellness Boost: Pay it Forward at the Drive-Through

Although eating at fast food restaurants is not the healthiest of activities, there is something you can do at the drive-through that is good for your heart, body, and soul: You can pay it forward.

I’m talking about paying for the person’s order in the car behind you. Perhaps you’ve done it before, or perhaps it’s been done for you. If so, you are probably already familiar with the giddy, warm sensation you get when someone practices a random act of kindness at, of all places, a fast food restaurant. Read more

6 Tips to Beat the Bottle Blues This Season

During the holidays there are parties and all types of joyous celebrations where alcohol is available for those who may choose to imbibe. How you decide to conduct ourselves before and after such events determines how “under the weather” you are going to be the next day or so. Read more

Winter Hair Care – Naturally!

Winter weather can be just as harsh for your hair as a hot, dry summer. The winter air combined with central heating indoors can also be dry and this leaves your hair vulnerable to frizz, tangling and breakage. The reason for this is the reduction in the amount of sebum produced by your body at this time of the year. Sebum is oil secreted from the scalp. This natural substance helps to moisturize your scalp and hair preventing excessive drying and flaking. Read more

10 Tips For Glowing Winter Skin

While summer sun undoubtedly presents challenges to your skincare regime, the cold of wintertime brings its own problems. Simply turning your central heating on can leave your skin feeling dry and tight and in some cases cracking, inflammation and even eczema can occur. Read more