Looking Your Best for Wedding Photos

Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Requiring detailed preparations which sometimes takes months. You need to think about the place, the music, the guests, the food, the decorations, you name it. In the end, when the very day comes, you are either too tired, too nervous or too ecstatic to notice and memorize everything that is happening around you. You wish that all goes well and that everyone, you in the first place of course, are pleased and enjoy themselves. So, when the dust settles and you finally have time to relax, how will you recapture all the details you missed? Read more

Believe in Yourself, Conquer All and Stay Happy.

Making the right circuits

Your brain is like a circuit switch. You believe in something you actually embody these thoughts into your reality. Make yourself stronger. Be motivated. Breathe easier and stay happy. Stay connected to people you know that will never let you down and will always be there for you no matter what you going through and what decisions you make. Read more

Coffee: Not Just for Drinking

Coffee; nectar of the gods, the drink that enables life, the magical elixir. Coffee is the wonderful liquid that makes the world turn and allows us to conquer the most hectic days with pep in our step and a smile on our face. It has been said that it can improve cognitive functions, decrease heart risk, improve workouts and help with weight loss but coffee has a lot of amazing uses that you may not know about. Read more

10 Items Every Woman’s Wardrobe Should Have

The most common problem women have is getting ready, and somehow they are never on time. If you want to know why, the answer is always the same: they have nothing to wear for that particular occasion. It does not matter if they have a walk-in closet or a regular small wardrobe, whether they went shopping last week or last season, they will always complain about not having enough. But the secret is that you do not need a lot of clothes, just several crucial items that can be combined for every occasion. Read more

Is Drinking Wine a Key to Antiaging?

History of wine drinking culture, at least according to some historical sources, has its roots in ancient China (around 7000 BCE). Then, in time, it spread across the world and it was very important in many ancient cultures like Mesopotamian, Jewish, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, of course. Having the cult dedicated to wine in ancient Greece and in ancient Roman civilization speaks of wine importance all throughout the human history. Today, we enjoy wine just as much.

Beside the effect of altered consciousness caused by the alcohol, wine has some other effects that are proven to be good for health. This especially refers to red wine. Read more

7 Tips to Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy and Beautiful This Winter

Winter is a period of lovely snow and dry air. We all love the cool winds and the dry air; however winter creates havoc on the skin and hair. Winds, dry air and low temperature create rough skin and dry itchy hair which are difficult to maintain. You will find the answer to all your problems in your kitchen cupboard which has most of the ingredients to keep your hair and skin healthy throughout the winter. Let us see some of the tips to keep the hair and skin healthy during winter. Read more

How to Prepare Your Body for Winter

The coldest time of the year is slowly knocking on our door. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting lower. This means that now is the best time to prepare and strengthen the body for the upcoming winter with some advice from experts. Read more

5 Amazing Homemade Face Remedies to Make Your Skin Glow

Heading to a beauty parlor for your facial makeover is common. Most people want beautiful skin. Thankfully we do not need to go to the salon so often. Below are some common homemade face cleansing recipes. These tips can help getting you glowing skin without. This method involves using natural herbs, yogurt, fresh fruits, and other common food ingredients, most found in your kitchen. Read more

10 Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind is a win-win situation. It makes you feel great, and it gives the person on the receiving end a buzz too. Here are 10 straightforward things you can do to improve someone’s day – today. Read more