Tired? You Might Actually Be Dehydrated

Many of us suffer from low energy levels or fatigue, brain fog, lethargy, dry skin, and/or muscle cramps on a regular basis.  If you are one of these people, and research shows that the number seems to be increasing, you may simply be dehydrated.  It sounds too simple, but even mild dehydration can often be the culprit behind many or all of these common conditions.  Even high blood pressure can be caused by dehydration. Read more

Melanotan: A Dangerous Golden Glow?

As the rain pours down on yet another dismal winter day here in the UK, we dream of summer holidays and the warm, healthy glow that a suntan gives us. However, many ‘tanorexics’ can’t face the thought of looking pale and interesting and instead insist on a year-round tan. The health risks of sunbeds are now well-documented, but what about the latest self-tanning craze; Melanotan? Read more

Mindfulness; The Pause for a Cause

Our reactions to most situations can benefit by pausing ourselves and being present in the here and now. We are all faced by events we find distressing every day, both small and large; burnt toast, account overdrafts, misbehaving children, loss of employment, failing grades, and sometimes even the loss of a loved one. Depending on our individual reactions to these events, we can escalate them into episodes of profound depression, panic attacks, substance abuse, mania, hyper-aggression, or one of many other mood and behavioral conditions. Read more

Why Improving Your Self Image Is Important

Self image affects almost everything we do in life. Our own view of ourselves may be inaccurate. The way others view us, or the way they perceive us affects our thinking. This results in a distorted view of who we are inside. Read more

St John’s Wort: Safe Natural Remedy for Depression?

For sufferers of depression the natural, herbal remedy, St John’s Wort was welcomed with open arms. The remedy is derived from a common, yellow-flowering hedgerow plant and is proven to be effective for mild to moderate depression. It is viewed by millions of advocates as a kind of Prozac but without the stigma or risk of a proper drug. Read more

8 Tips to Burn Your Belly Fat

The party season is over for another year, and burning your belly fat may be an impossible task. Like many of us, you may have tried stomach crunches sideways, backwards, and upside down, but to no avail. Perhaps you’ve danced around the living room, while copying Youtube videos. Tried the crazy diet that makes you cranky and tired? Read more

Rethink Your Method of Setting New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is quickly coming up and many people are once again thinking of their New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, vast majority of people end up giving up on their goals within the first couple months, if not the first month. By changing your way of thinking and method of goal-setting you can successfully determine which resolutions are most important to you and how to achieve them. Read more

New Miracle All-Natural Wound Treatment Derived from Honey

Many of the drugs and pharmaceuticals we rely on today originate from purely natural sources. How else did our ancestors cure minor ailments, treat wounds and the like? But did you know that honey is one such substance? In 2011, Ian Staples (former MD of Halfords) discovered that certain types of honey have remarkable antimicrobial qualities. Read more

3 Simple DIY Facial Masks for Winter

For some people the winter season means skin problems. The cold, dry weather and harsh winds can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Switching your skin care regimen around to more moisturizing products is the first step. Add in one of these easy hydrating DIY face mask and your skin will thank you! Read more

Do You Have SAD? (How to Handle Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Winter is now officially here. For some people this season isn’t just filled with happy holiday family events, hot cocoa by the fire, and sledding. If you’ve been feeling a bit down lately and aren’t sure why, you may have SAD. SAD is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a surprisingly common disorder. Nearly one in twenty people suffer from it. Read more