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For all you girls out there, you know how stressful finding the “perfect” look can be, right? Whether you choose curly, straight, or the popular messy ‘fun bun’ look, its hard to perfect. Being a Hairstylist, I even have the problem of being too lazy to style even my own hair every morning. After doing everyone else’s hair all day, mine is the last thing I want to think about.

In a nut shell, learning to rock and control your natural hair will save you the trouble of stress, self-inflicted hair damage, and time, each day. Trust me, you will learn to love your hair, just as soon as you get the right products together. It’s really a lot easier than we think it is, but just imagine waking up in the morning and not having to worry about damaging your hair by taking a hot flat iron to your precious ends.  Every time you put heat on your hair, it takes one week for it to recover.  Think back. Using a flat iron for a week straight, it will take your hair forty-two days to recover. I that’s not a deal breaker, I don’t know what is.

Now perfect hair really does all begin with your shampoo and conditioner. You all may think that the Tresemme bottle you have in your shower is  just fine, but lets be honest. Professional products, may be more expensive, but I promise you are totally worth it. The thing with products that aren’t professional brands, is that they often actually coat your hair with all the nutrients they contain.  Though that may sound like a good thing, its not. You see, these products are generally filled with protein, which is vital to your locks, but having too much protein in your hair can damage it even more than having no protein present at all. The coating that starts to build up, will actually begin to weigh your hair down and start giving you the frizz that we all end up flat ironing out (bad,bad,bad). Start looking into changing up your shampoos, and your natural hair will start loving you again.

The other crucial element?

For curly or straight hair, oil is the way to go. But just a dime drop amount on your ends. Otherwise, you’ll start looking greasy by the end of the day. Any kind of oil is going to protect your ends and prevent you from those split ends that we all hate having to constantly cut off. You can even use the oil just once a week, in the form of a hot oil treatment. It will still definitely help moisturize and protect your hair. Once you start getting in the habit of using oil, you’ll be able to toss all those other products, that don’t do what they say anyway.

New year, New you. Start learning to love the hair you were born with. Its worth it!

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