How to Have a Better Relationship in 2014


Pledge to make 2014 a better year for you and your relationship. Studies show that one of the best predictions for happiness is being satisfied in our romantic relationship. This is even more important than our high stress job, income or education. Here is some tips on how to achieve this:

Put sex on your priority list. The biggest complaint from men after a few years of marriage is a lack of enough sex. And women complain they just have too much to do and are too tired to have sex. If there is good communication in the relationship it is time for you to set down and tell him what chores put you over the edge. Could he help you with the kid’s bath or do an occasional load of washing? If you can come to a workable resolution then it will relieve you both emotionally and physically and you will be more in the mood. Putting your partner’s needs above your own and opening your heart to make sacrifices will help your partner feel loved and grateful.

Accept the rhythm of marriage. Stressful jobs, new babies, relatives coming to stay unexpectedly, jobless, and illness are just some life’s changes that just happen. Things do change and it is important not to let things brews until they get to meltdown mode. It is important to feel comfortable communicating how these changes are making you feel and to find ways to resolve issues. If one of you is just too tired at the end of the day to feel like sex then try it in the morning. There is always a resolution if you are open and communicative.

Little expressions of love. Everyone craves affection and being shown physically that they are cared about. They crave it. Common responses to not getting enough is nagging and complaining. If you get in the habit of showing love and affection, even if you may have to grit your teeth a little at times, you will soon find that love is all around you.

Show your love. This is much more important than some people realize and really very easy to do. Leave notes on the mirror, in his/her car or anywhere else you know they frequent. Flowers or small trinkets occasionally are nice too. And putting it out online is an added plus. You don’t have to be overly sweet or give TMI but declaring your significant other is loved and how you feel does tell the world and your partner that your care and you are proud of him/her.

Dress up and get fancy. We all have our comfort clothes like sweat pants and a over sized t-shirt but it is always nice to see our partner in all their finery. When any person in a relationship begins to give up on being attractive to the other person they become just that- unattractive. In many cases the other person begins to feel taken advantage of or being in a rut and they don’t try anymore either. It can be rather exciting to reignite the courtship response by wearing your most alluring clothes and looking nice for your man or woman.

Be creative. Pursuing your own passions and being an individual is very attractive. It is powerful in attracting a mate. The positive good feeling of accomplishment and self fulfillment transfers over into other areas of your life. If you feel good and self assured in your creativity you will feel good about your relationship too and how appealing your partner will see you.

Recognize your partner’s peculiarities. We all have our little characteristics that might irritate or seem a little abnormal to others. It is so easy to assume that just because you love someone the relationship is sure to be easy with both people acting perfectly all the time. That isn’t always the case. We can’t take our partners for granted. Just loving someone isn’t enough. You need to realize that even your partner is human and respect their differences. If not, why are you in the relationship?

Do a nice thing each day. This is a good habit to get into. It becomes obvious that you aren’t investing your time and self in the relationship if days go by and you aren’t doing something nice for your partner in an entire week. It doesn’t have to be a big thing but little acts of kindness and care. Compliments or little extra treats can go a long way is showing your partner you care.

Keep it respectful and classy. It might be tempting to tell your in-laws about his untidiness or your girlfriends over lunch about your husband’s sexual rituals or other intimate secrets but these betrayals will only diminish your relationship. Treat your partner with the respect and consideration deserved and don’t tell others things you wouldn’t want exposed if the situation were reversed.









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