Supplements and You

Supplements, or dietary supplements to be more specific, is a term that is thrown around more and more frequently, and is something in which we should all gain a thorough insight into. A daily supplement is something that, as the name quite plainly suggests, it taken daily as a way of supplementing an individual’s diet. As they become more popular, they are getting easier to purchase and as well as the pharmacy and health stores, they are now also available online. Read more

What to Eat for a Better Brain Preformance?

Not many foods actually boost neurogenesis which is a process by which neurons are generated. Studies have shown that the learning process is associated with increased neuronal survival.

So what can we eat to keep a healthy brain? Here are some specific food research has shown that help improve cognitive performances: Read more

What Does Fall Taste Like?

Here in Atlantic Canada, the month of August this year has felt more like late September than the second half of summer. We seemed to skip over the hot August nights and warm sunny days typically spent in and around the coastal waters that are very much a part of our souls in this part of Canada. Many conversations lately have focused on this unusual weather pattern. It has given us cause to skip ahead in our thoughts, turning attention (albeit prematurely) to the many delights that captivate our imaginations and taste buds in these waning days of summer. This has led me to ponder – What does fall taste like? Read more

Summer Fruits – A Recipe For Good Health

Summer offers a rich menu of fruits that refresh and tone the body. And the best part is that the more you eat, the better you feel. Summer berries are an excellent recipe for good health. Summer fruits are good not only for the figure but also the health of the body. They cleanse the body of toxins and well-tried remedy for irregular stomach. Read more

Looking At How Bad/Good Coffee Is For Your Health

The smell of coffee in the morning can almost be picked in almost every household making it a very popular beverage amongst millions of people across the world. Its popularity contributes to it being amongst the highest selling commodity in the market. People who take it in the morning cam almost swear to have a great kick start that keeps them alert throughout the day. They also attribute the ability to being effective at their places of work to coffee. Read more

A Tomato a Day Could Keep the Doctor Away

Despite the citizens of the United States of America having reached new levels of obesity in the past few years, an obsession with health has also come into prominence. Wherever we look, we’re confronted by advertisements for ‘detox juices’ and new diet crazes which promise to ‘reinvent’ your life. The current phase appears to be for gluten free diets and the usual crew: the Dukan diet, 5:2 diet and, of course, the infamous diet pills. However, it’s not just weight loss that we’re obsessed with; it’s the health benefits too. So, with celebrities and health guru’s alike raving about the new tomato pill, the main question is; does it actually work? Read more

Avoid Eating Late in the Evening

For working people is hard to find enough time to eat well during the day because of the daily activities and the various tasks that do all day.

The biggest mistake, causing gaining weight is eating in the evening.

Returning exhausted after work, we eat quickly and thoroughly, pour yourself extra amount with the excuse that you have not eaten all day Finish with dessert and then leaning comfortably on the couch, munching popcorn watching television. Error! Read more

8 Healthy and Delicious Nuts

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Nuts are a healthy essential to our eating habits. Nuts have a great amount of natural protein in them. Nuts can be a nice nutritional snack, Instead of eating those cakes and cookies for desserts. Honey roasted cashews, Honey roasted almonds can be a excellent food source  for sweet toothes out there. Here’s a list of different variety of nuts for easy digestion. Read more

Five Tips to Overcome Emotional Eating

Food is a powerful part of our lives. It provides us with the nourishment our body needs, and gives us a reason to socialize with others. However, when we stop seeing food as fuel for our bodies, the food we eat can quickly become an unhealthy outlet for our emotions. Why are so many break up scenes in films, television shows and books depicted with someone indulging in their favorite treat? Because we are convinced that eating tasty foods will make us feel good, even when we know it’s unhealthy. Read more

How To Use “Reduced Sale” Grocery Items

Trying to live healthy and on a budget can sometimes be tough, especially when it seems that the cost of living keeps rising. So when I see reduced healthy items at the grocery store or farmer’s market, I quickly try to think of things I can do with the awesome food find. Since food waste is a big no-no in my book, you should always have a game plan when buying extra food goodies. So here are a few examples of ways to use and store some specific “reduced sale” items to make sure that nothing goes to waste when purchasing healthy items on the cheap: Read more