Lessons in Moving: Home and Heart

Moving is an interesting experience that brings out probably some of the most frustrating feelings possible. Two people in a happy and functional relationship seem to bring the worst out of each other during the stressful uprooting of lives. Read more

How to Have a Better Relationship in 2014

Pledge to make 2014 a better year for you and your relationship. Studies show that one of the best predictions for happiness is being satisfied in our romantic relationship. This is even more important than our high stress job, income or education. Here is some tips on how to achieve this: Read more

How to Have a Long-Lasting Marriage

When I mention that I have been married for almost thirty-six years to the same man, my words are often met with exclamations of shock and/or a round of applause. It is simply not that common to see a marriage that makes it beyond the first ten or fifteen years intact.  Read more

First Date? 10 Tips to Stay Safe

Today, many couples meet through the popular medium of internet dating. You’ve perused countless profiles, exchanged ‘winks’ and emails, chatted on the phone and now you’ve arranged that first date! Have fun and stay safe by following a few simple tips. Read more

Surviving Pornography: Getting Back on My Feet

It’s a tricky subject to which some women may feel they cannot be open, honest, or discuss with others. Pornography is, in my opinion, seen as a black and white topic to which people will be for or against. I’m sure there are some who do not have any real particular opinion of it; those who love pornography in its various forms will love it. Those who have been wounded by the media will probably dislike or hate it. Read more

Internet Dating: Tips to Protect Yourself & Thrive

Internet dating can be a great way of meeting people but it can also be fraught with danger and, like almost everything else on the internet, scammers abound. In fact, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable singletons fall victim to scammers every year. Don’t get caught up. Watch out for the following red flags and if you are in any doubt about the validity of a person’s identity, run for the hills and don’t look back! Read more

5 Advantages of Being Single

Social pressure, fear of loneliness, boredom, material interests, willingness to succeed in life… these are just a few of the wrong reasons for which both men and women enter a relationship. Although modern society has much evolved during the last century, singles are still rather often regarded as social pariahs. Nevertheless, this status comes with a series of advantages, and those who choose to remain single for the right reasons fully benefit from them. Read more

Relationships: Taking the Next Step

The next step. Those are the three words so often said in relationships when they have progressed to another level of intimacy or seriousness. If you had asked me two years ago if I would be experiencing a next step in my previous relationship, I would’ve said it was not likely to happen. Read more

Conquering My Fears of Rejection

My heart was beating in my stomach as I sat on the couch at the bike shop. I looked over at Travis while he was working; I had to make the decision and I had to do it now. Read more