Breathing Happy Member

Breathing Happy Member

Can Cleaning Make You Happier and More Successful?

Remember when your grandparents fixed everything at home, reused and upcycled, simply because goods were not that readily available to them? Our forebears had to make everything themselves and keep it, because it was crucial for their survival. We might be genetically programmed to do the same. Read more

Why Massage Matters

Massage is among the oldest health care practices in human history. It’s mentioned in ancient Chinese medical texts from more than four thousand years ago, and it’s been a part of Western health care ever since the time of Hippocrates. Read more

5 Mood-Boosting Foods for Summer

Research indicates that our stomach and brain are interconnected through the tenth cranial nerve called the vagus nerve. Both these organs are made up of the same cells and tissues that grew during fetal development. The bacteria that helps with digestion in our stomachs communicates with the brain through the help of the vagus nerve. This study proves quite accurately that the food we eat affects our stomach. This has an indirect effect on our brain, and over time, these symptoms become more apparent. Read more

Turning 30? Here Are the 5 Things You Should Have Learned So Far

If you’re human, then you know that turning thirty can be quite a scary thought. We may have these expectations in our minds of what we believe we should have already accomplished at twenty-nine years old – be it a relationship, a career, a car, a house, a child. Not having at least one of these at twenty-nine years old can send us into a spiral of fear and doubt. Read more

Break Your Nicotine Addiction and Control Cravings

Addiction is a complex disease, and one that can apply to a wide spectrum of ills. From a simple addiction to nicotine that you just can’t give up to a complicated and multi-layered drug addiction deep-rooted and impossible to break. Read more

What Are Modifiable Risk Factors?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the most common health problems in the Western world were infectious diseases such as diphtheria, tuberculosis, polio, influenza and other diseases. These health problems are all classified under communicable diseases (infectious). Significant breakthroughs in the medical field have reduced occurrence of these diseases. Read more

Banish Obesity and Breathe Happier

In today’s world, where personal appearance sadly amounts to nearly everything, obesity is indeed a dreaded condition. While on one hand it can lead to many health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and stroke, on the other hand, it silently erodes a person’s self esteem and inner confidence leading to many emotional and psychological upheavals. Read more