Freedom At Last!

For those who are smokers and thought about quitting there is no better time than the present. With support from family, friends, coworkers, etc. the benefits will surely be worth it. Read more

Oh, I’m so bored!

I have observed people who smoke for many years. My daughter, her boyfriend, co-workers and friends alike seem to get nervous when they feel bored and have to grab a cigarette. This becomes such a habitual activity that it must be very hard to stop. Read more

People We Love Who Smoke

My daughter just turned 41 and she has smoked since she was about twelve. I can remember sneaking a pack of Salem cigarettes outof my grandfaother’s bedroom. My cousins and I snuck behind the garage and smoked. It was a curiosity. Read more

Cinnamon Sticks

I’ve never smoked, haven’t even considered doing so. I had the perfect excuse too—if that peer pressure I was always warned about ever happened, which it didn’t. Read more

My Struggle to Cope

I’m Sammi; a spunky 16 year old girl who’s been through a lot but still manages to keep a smile shining on my face. I smoke cigarettes, and, unfortunately, I’m addicted. It’s been only about a year now since I’ve started smoking, but dang, that nagging nicotine sure knows how to keep a hold tight on you. Read more