An Introvert’s Guide to Going Out

What could be better than dancing all night surrounded by strangers whilst being disoriented by flashing lights and loud music?  Literally anything. Going out is the worst.  Is there any way of coping with the inevitable night out with friends if you’re an introvert? Turn it down? Not this time, you crafty beast. Unfortunately, you’ve been dragged into the night’s events. Luckily, I’m providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to survive the events of a night out. Read more

My Post-Addiction Left Turn

It all started with shots of liquor… many many shots of liquor. It was like one of the drunken scenes from the Sandra Bullock movie, 28 Days. It ended just as bad as her character’s last escapade too. Read more

Can Cleaning Make You Happier and More Successful?

Remember when your grandparents fixed everything at home, reused and upcycled, simply because goods were not that readily available to them? Our forebears had to make everything themselves and keep it, because it was crucial for their survival. We might be genetically programmed to do the same. Read more

Turning 30? Here Are the 5 Things You Should Have Learned So Far

If you’re human, then you know that turning thirty can be quite a scary thought. We may have these expectations in our minds of what we believe we should have already accomplished at twenty-nine years old – be it a relationship, a career, a car, a house, a child. Not having at least one of these at twenty-nine years old can send us into a spiral of fear and doubt. Read more

Coping With Stress While Recovering From An Injury

For many athletes, sustaining an injury causes more than just physical trauma. It can also lead to considerable emotional stress. Injured athletes may feel that their injury is unfair, and they might also become frustrated at facing limitations they’re not accustomed to. Read more

How To Get Back Up When You Stumble

We have all been there… you were doing so well, but then you fell off the bandwagon. Whether it was lighting up a cigarette after not having one for several weeks, or picking up a drink that you swore off months ago, it can be a hard blow when one stumbles on the road to quitting an addiction. Read more

5 Resources for Facing and Overcoming Addiction

If a person is dealing with addiction, it is important for them to know that genuine help is available from a variety of sources. An addiction can be difficult to manage and even embarrassing for a person to admit having. But an addiction does not have to rule a person’s life. Read more

Balancing Your Chakras

What do you think when you hear the term ‘chakra’? Chakras refers to your seven primary energy centers that vertically run along the torso of your body. Basically, chakras are portals where energy and light flow in and out. Overall, their main function is to revitalize your physical body and to enable your ‘higher’ self to evolve. Read more

Growing Up…Again

Do you remember that moment at the end of high school, when you knew that you were all grown up? You were ready to take on the world. You were ready for whatever life threw at you because you felt like “you’d been through it all.” High school was your transition into adulthood. Your parents underestimated you and your experiences, and your friends didn’t have it as hard as you did. You were definitely as mature as you’d ever be. You were fully an adult, right? Read more