Don’t Let Them Bite: Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

The past decade has seen a rise in bed bug infestations throughout America and the rest of the Western world. Although these tiny insects pose no fatal problems, you still have to worry about the possibilities of losing sleep, waking up to numerous itchy bites, and experiencing stress because of these household pests. Read more

Smoking in Cars Carrying Children: Should it be Illegal?

In the UK this week an amendment to the Children and Families Bill was tabled which, if passed, would ban smoking in cars carrying children. The amendment received an overwhelming majority vote in the House of Lords and must now be considered and voted on by MPs in the House of Commons who will be doing so via a free vote to avoid cross-party influence. The amendment is supported by organisations including; Asthma UK, Child Health, the British Heart Foundation and the Royal College of Paediatrics. Read more

The Adventure Traveler

Repeat after me: The adventure traveler breathes happily, the adventure traveler breathes happily. So goes the fable that is just about to begin. The story starts with a haggard twenty-something stressed out junior executive from an urban center far, far away. The snow forces her to pour yet another cup of coffee as she looks out from her cubicle. Everywhere she looks, she only sees gray. Piles of paper stacked to the ceiling tower beyond the horizon. Co-workers and fellow slaves of the corporate jungle mind their own deadlines and memos. The balding supervisor barks out yet another task to be fulfilled: PRONTO! Read more

Can E-Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Most smokers understand the hazards of smoking and also want to quit but find themselves trapped in the habit. Habits are easier to form and harder to break. When it comes to something as addictive as a cigarette, this becomes even harder. Thankfully, there are options that will help you kick the habit smoothly and strongly. Of course, you need a strong emotional desire to overcome the urge to smoke every time. Apart from that, there are some tools you can use that will make the transition easier. Read more

Happiness is Achieved, Not Found

Happiness, bliss, joy, and contentment are all emotions that you can secure for yourself. You shouldn’t be waiting for happiness to fall into your lap because it is not something that you come upon by chance. It is attained by a positive, optimistic outlook towards life and a determination to make the most of every small chance at happiness. Surround yourself with Read more

The Indonesian Chain-Smoking Toddler

Smoking in Indonesia is a very common practice; in fact it is the 5th largest tobacco market in the world. The smoking of kreteks (clove-flavoured cigarettes) is considered to be part of the national culture. Frighteningly, a large number of these smokers are children, and the tobacco Read more

Using Nicotine-Containing Products to Quit Smoking

For heavy, long-term smokers, simply stopping smoking through will-power alone is often too much to ask. People might quit for days, weeks or months even, but stopping permanently is best achieved through a more thought out approach, and the use of nicotine-containing products (such as nicotine patches, gum, or spray) can help lifelong smokers to cut down prior to stopping, or to reduce the amount they smoke gradually. Read more

The Time When the Whole World Couldn’t Breathe Happily: It’s Now

I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. I thought that it was something that’s far away in the future. I thought that the environmental scientists were merely exaggerating their numbers. I thought that my kids wouldn’t have to see it. But it’s upon us now. And slowly, it is creeping on our doorsteps.  Read more

The Healing: Part Four

This is the last of a four part series speaking on the subject of the habit of smoking, the addiction, leaving the habit and the healing that comes afterwards. If you have missed any of them you can go to my profile and check them out.

You are probably feeling much better now, enjoying flavors again and Read more