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Check Your Search Engine for Smoking Counseling Groups

Find Your Smoking Counseling Groups

For those who are ready to quit smoking, whether it is for the first time, or you had trouble quitting and you just want to stop for good, one of the best ways is through your medical doctor coupled with counseling. Check your internet search engine for smoking cessation counseling groups in your area.

All the quit smokinging group web pages are free. They provide you with their own quit smoking hotline to call. They give you names of counselors of the quit smoking groups in your area. Once you get a counselor, you get placed in a quit smoking group therapy session and a sponsor assigned to you. Your sponsor is an ex-smoker who successfully quit through the program that you are now in.

Your medical doctor will be able to get you a smoking medication (approved by the FDA) while you are quitting, if you need it. This, combined with your counseling website and counseling, creates a better chance to stop for good. When withdrawal symptoms get bad, instead of turning to another cigarette, you call your sponsor. You can also call the group members that you have confidence in. They help you and you help them in their quitting.

Group support goes a very long way in quitting for good. Each of counseling quit smoking programs, runs a three tier program or something similar to it, where you make goals to re-learn your life without cigarettes. You make a date and time for each short term goal to get there. You reward yourself as you successfully completed them. Set your first goal to live a whole week without touching a cigarette. When that is completed, reward yourself by walking for a mile.

Your group celebrates with you, and you celebrate their victories with them.  Enlist family support if you can while you are quitting. With this, you will be more empowered to reach the long range goal to where you never want to return to the cigarettes.

Ref: Become An Ex.



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Kicking My Habit

I started smoking when I was fifteen, in the back of my high school with my friends. We would take a break from gym class and sneak out the back door. We would steal the cigs from our parents, who were also heavy smokers back then. It was the era, the thing to do. You could smoke on the train, on elevators, on airplanes, and no one would say a word because everyone was a smoker. Now, you can't even walk down the street with a cigarette. And not because you would get fined, but because you're embarrassed that you are one of the few people still smoking. Dirty looks are cast in your direction, and then there are the inevitable people crossing the street to get away from the smoke. You would think that you had some kind of disease or crazy look on your face. 

I smoked for about twenty five years, (not heavy,  but that's not the point). A pack of cigarettes lasted me two and a half days. Not bad, but not good. I quit a couple of times over the years for whatever reason. Being pregnant was one of them. But as soon as the baby was born, I was right back to smoking. It helped me cope with being a new mother, or at least that is what I told myself. It gave me three and a half minutes to myself without having to hear a crying baby. It kept me sane. I justified it to myself. It kept me from gaining weight, I reminded myself. I liked smoking and I was going to keep doing it because nobody was going to tell me what to do.

It's only been three months, but I stopped. It wasn't hard for me to quit smoking this time. I just did it cold turkey. It probably helped that I wasn't a heavy smoker. But I felt awful that my children were looking at me through the sliding doors as I tried to hide from them what I was doing. I would hate to be the reason that they started smoking, because they saw me doing it all the time instead of spending time with them. I hated kissing them with my cigarette breath, and it was hard not to kiss them because they are so cute and I just love them so much. I felt guilty that I couldn't run with them while they rode their bikes up and down the street, because I was out of breath. I wore my hair up all the time because I didn't want them to smell the smoke on me. I changed my clothes constantly.

But my children are saving my life. If it weren't for them, I would probably still be smoking. Thank goodness for my small blessings.