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8 Ways to Breathe Happy by Spending Less at the Grocery Store

Have you noticed how the prices at the grocery store get higher between visits? How each shopping trip you buy less but spend more money? Prices continue to rise, making it impossible to feed your family. No matter if you take advantage of coupons, cheaper brands, and sales, you’re still spending more for food. Other household items also continue to rise in price. (more…)

5 Ways to De-Stress Your Morning Routine and Breathe Happier!

“Mom, I can’t find my Science Book!” “Dad, my form is not signed!” “Honey, have you seen my file?” “I am too sleepy. I don’t want to go to school.” “Will you two hurry up? The bus will be here any minute.”

If every early morning, your house is filled with yells and groans such as these, you are probably just one of those families that is yet to establish a hassle-free morning routine. It sounds simplistic, but when parents and school-going children have to leave the house together and they aren't organized, things can turn very chaotic and stressful, setting a negative tone for the whole day. (more…)

Mindfulness can be a Useful Tool in Addiction Recovery

Most people who are recovering from an addiction tend to accumulate a "grab-bag" of tools and tricks they use to help them stay sober from day to day. What works for some people doesn't necessarily work for everyone, so for any given person, their grab-bag typically has a different assortment of tools, depending on what they find most useful. (more…)

8 Foods You Should Be Eating That Are Even Better For You Than You Think

As we all know, the way we feel on the inside is the way we look on the outside. Our bodies are sacred and we should take good care of them. Which is not always the case but there are definitely some foods that are better for you than you think. (more…)

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5 Mood-Boosting Foods for Summer

Research indicates that our stomach and brain are interconnected through the tenth cranial nerve called the vagus nerve. Both these organs are made up of the same cells and tissues that grew during fetal development. The bacteria that helps with digestion in our stomachs communicates with the brain through the help of the vagus nerve. This study proves quite accurately that the food we eat affects our stomach. This has an indirect effect on our brain, and over time, these symptoms become more apparent. (more…)