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Write Your Own Philosophy and Stick to It for Success

There are no secrets to success, but if in this life you would be blessed, put your heart in your work and from your duty never shirk. It's not a matter of if you fail, rather it is a must that you prevail. (more…)

The Point of Acupuncture

By inserting sterilized, thin, solid needles into carefully determined energy points, practitioners of acupuncture can reset a body's ability to fight off, correct and heal a variety of ailments. The purpose of activating these points is to correct any imbalances that disrupt our natural flow of internal energy (qi or chi) and remove any unknown blockages. When there are imbalances - we suffer poor health and that isn't ideal. (more…)

5 Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals

Are you looking at getting rid of debt, saving for a vacation, retirement, or just wanting an extra cushion fund? Saving money can sometimes be challenging with so many different expenses but it is not impossible. Here are 5 ways to save more money that will help you reach your financial goals. (more…)

Workday Stress? Relive it Quickly By Engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System

It’s common to feel stressed out in the workplace. Even if the benefits of stress reduction techniques are well known, many neglect the opportunity to give themselves a few moments of self-care that can help them through those hours on the job. Plenty of options are out there, including focused physical activity and meditation. These acts may be simple, but they are effective, sometimes in mere minutes. (more…)

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The Science of Kindness: Why We Should Spread the Holiday Spirit Year-Round

Tis the season, as the holiday saying goes.

This phrase means so many different things to so many different people; to some it is the season to be more grateful, to some it is the season to be more religious, to some it is the season to feast or buy lots of presents. (more…)