Breathing Happy Author

Breathing Happy Author

Overcoming Phobias

One way in which many people could greatly improve their lives and develop themselves is in overcoming phobias. These conditions are quite common amongst humans and there are many different types. What exactly is a phobia? Read more

Don’t Let Them Bite: Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

The past decade has seen a rise in bed bug infestations throughout America and the rest of the Western world. Although these tiny insects pose no fatal problems, you still have to worry about the possibilities of losing sleep, waking up to numerous itchy bites, and experiencing stress because of these household pests. Read more

How to Preserve the Vitamins and Minerals in Your Food

The method in which we store, prepare and cook our foods may affect the level of vitamins and minerals available.

Many vitamins are susceptible to damage through heat, air, moisture and light. Minerals are generally more stable, but can also be diminished through cooking processes.

So, what can we do to make the most of the nutrition in our food? Read more

Smoking in Cars Carrying Children: Should it be Illegal?

In the UK this week an amendment to the Children and Families Bill was tabled which, if passed, would ban smoking in cars carrying children. The amendment received an overwhelming majority vote in the House of Lords and must now be considered and voted on by MPs in the House of Commons who will be doing so via a free vote to avoid cross-party influence. The amendment is supported by organisations including; Asthma UK, Child Health, the British Heart Foundation and the Royal College of Paediatrics. Read more

Inpatient Addiction Treatment: A Journey

111 days ago I said the most important words an addict can say; “I need help”. What followed was the most rewarding 93 days of my life. I began giving birth to the person I was meant to be and like any birth, the experience was beautiful and painful. Read more

Addiction: Understanding a Complex Disease

Addiction is a chronic, progressive, incurable, and often fatal disease. While addiction can manifest itself in any human being with a functional brain, certain factors can increase a person’s likelihood of becoming an addict. Addiction is insidious, as it distorts the reasoning abilities of the addict. Read more

10 Ways to Conquer Constipation

Most of us know what it is like to have experienced that unpleasant condition, constipation of the bowels, at some time in our lives. It’s a real pain in the butt!  It seems to be more common nowadays than it used to be, as modern lifestyles are partly to blame. Fast food, takeaways and unhealthy processed foods feature largely in the diets of so many people these days, besides a large caffeine intake, which is dehydrating. Read more

Embracing My Tears

The days where you try so hard to keep your emotions and feelings in check; the heart aches and you feel tears welling up. I hate those days. I’m having one of those days, right now, this very minute and at this very second. Read more